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Wisdom for Creating Happiness and Peace Part-1 -3

Wisdom for Creating Happiness and Peace Part-1 -3

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New Edition of Wisdom for Creating Happiness and Peace Part-1, Happiness presents from Daisaku Ikeda’s selected life’s works — speeches, essays, lectures, and dialogues — wisdom to remain in a life state of absolute happiness, unperturbed by vagaries of life within and without.

Some of the topics covered across 10 chapters are: ‘It Is the Heart that Is Important’, ‘The Principle of Cherry, Plum, Peach, and Damson’, ‘Creating a Brilliant Final Chapter in Life’, ‘Developing a Life State of Happiness’, ‘Facing Illness’, et cetera.

“Human Revolution”, Part 2 of The Wisdom for Creating Happiness and Peace — President Ikeda’s selected writings discusses inner transformation as a journey of awakening — “opening your eyes wide and looking beyond your ordinary concerns, striving for and dedicating your actions to something higher, deeper, and broader.” In the 10 chapters, we discover how human revolution can be achieved even amid struggle, that anyone, without exception, can transform from within…

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