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Teachings for Victory vol 1

Teachings for Victory vol 1

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About the Book

Each word and phrase of the Gosho is infused with the intense compassion of the Daishonin, in his wish to help all people gain the resolute spirit needed to surmount obstacles and thereby achieve happiness and victory in their lives. Through his lectures on the Gosho, Sensei inspires us to make study of the Daishonin’s writings the everlasting foundation on which to base a life dedicated to the concrete goal of happiness for oneself and others, in the true spirit of our eternal mentors.

The four Gosho included in this first volume are

 Letter from Sado,
 Letter to the Brothers,
 The Supremacy of the Law,
 The Three Kinds of Treasure.

ISBN 9788193905531
Imprint Eternal Ganges
Pages 418
Language English
Binding Paperback


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